[fpc-pascal] Excessive Recompiling: UPPER case files.

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun May 22 20:13:58 CEST 2005

Oops I didn't mean it was Synapse's fault, Lukas. No it was another problem - the files got converted to upper
case on my computers, some how.. during a transfer from one PC to the other.

What I think caused the problem was when I was using CoLinux. When you use a "Cofs device" on CoLinux, some of
the files get transfered to uppercase when you copy over from windows to Linux.

So in fact, any upper case PAS file would casue problems, nothing to do with Synapse directly, gladly.


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| > Solution:
| > The synapse files were in CAPS LOCK.. i.e. SYNASSL.PAS, SYNABLOCK.PAS When
| > I renamed the files to lower case, everything does not recompile now. No
| > more 10,000 lines compilation!
| ??? All Synapse source files are distributed in lowecase. How you got
| filenames in uppercase?
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