[fpc-pascal] Excessive Recompiling: UPPER case files.

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun May 22 10:06:31 CEST 2005


On the FPC community boards a while ago, I posted some problems with recompiling issues.
When I was using the Synapse library, for some reason 10,000 lines of code were being recompiled!

The synapse files were in CAPS LOCK.. i.e. SYNASSL.PAS, SYNABLOCK.PAS
When I renamed the files to lower case, everything does not recompile now. No more 10,000 lines compilation!

I thought that the uppercase was only an issue with eariler compilers? (I haven't researched this.. just that
lazarus told me "would you like to rename the file to lowercase for 1.0 compatability?".

The compiler I was using was 1.9.6

Are caps lock files supposed to be bad on purpose, for compilers above 1.9.6 or would this have bin a minor
I'll also try with 2.0.0 soon.

This is on a Linux machine. But I think the issue also exists on a Windows machine too, from what I tried


p.s. So it appears that FPC does not like it when you YELL AT it. I can understand, myself.

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