[fpc-pascal] Port of TechnoJocks Turbo Toolkit?

Dan Clough danc3 at cox.net
Sat May 21 14:55:34 CEST 2005


Wondering if there is a Linux port of Bob Ainsbury's excellent 
"TechnoJocks Turbo Toolkit" from the TP4/5 days.  I was digging through 
Google and some mailing list archives and saw where Bob had given his 
permission for it, but the threads seem to die out without any more 
information on whether it actually got done.

Does anyone know if this is available, and if not, would anyone be 
willing to do it?  I am a novice with Pascal, but have some old code 
from TP5 that I'd like to be able to use (it uses many of the TTT 
units).  Some of the units have (a little) ASM/OBJ stuff that I am 
unable to convert to pure Pascal, as I don't have the skill.  Can anyone 
help with this?

Thanks and best regards,
Dan C

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