[fpc-pascal] FindPart function - Help Docs say...

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun May 15 02:42:57 CEST 2005

>function FindPart(const HelpWilds: String; const InputStr: String):Integer;"

According to the function syntax,  it returns an integer...

>FindPart searches the string InputStr and returns the first string that matches
the wildcards specification in HelpWilds . If no >match is found, and empty string
is returned. valid wildcards are the "?" (question mark) and "*" (asterisk)

According to the description it returns a String. Does it return an integer
I'm just about to use this function actually, in a wiki I'm building.. so I wanted
to ask you guys if maybe the docs are misworded?

Also, is there any way to update these docs or add notes to them? I'm working on a
freepascal based wiki, and I might integrate the docs into a system where users
can add comments to the docs.

Funny thing also is, due to my laziness, I wished to check into/verify what the
function returns this with lazarus code insight.Aand the list box isn't wide
enough to see what the function returns ;-) There's another project for me or
someone: turning the lazarus list box into something expandable or an optional
dockable side panel type thing.


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