[fpc-pascal] installing ppcrossarm from cvs

Jose Pascual josepascual at almudi.com
Thu May 12 21:27:00 CEST 2005

Hi Dean,

The solution for make crossinstall CPU_TARGET=arm was fpcmake from >=
1.9.8 as 
Peter Vreman said in his last email to forum.

I have been making test to new ppcarm releas (1.9.9) and I have found a
old problem with cprtO.o 

Linking test_libc
/usr/local/lib/fpc/1.9.9/units/arm-linux/rtl/cprt0.o(.text+0x64): In
function `_haltproc':
: undefined reference to `_fini'
/usr/local/lib/fpc/1.9.9/units/arm-linux/rtl/cprt0.o(.text+0x6c): In
function `_haltproc':
: undefined reference to `_init'
example_libc.pas(21) Error: Error while linking
with arm-linux-nm I can find label _init and _fini, but it seems to be
00000000 t $a
         U abort
00000000 d $d
00000000 r $d
00000058 t $d
00000000 D __data_start
00000000 W data_start
         U _fini
00000048 T _haltproc
         U _init
         U __libc_start_main
00000004 C operatingsystem_parameter_argc
00000004 C operatingsystem_parameter_argv
00000004 C operatingsystem_parameter_envp
         U operatingsystem_result
00000000 T _start

As many months ago the solution for me was and has been to override
cprtO.o with prtO.o

Is it a problem/bug during cprtO.o generation?
which is the differences between cprtO.o and prtO.o

If my program is working thanks to overwrite cprtO.o with prtO.o What
does it means?

thank you in advanced

kind regards

p.s. Florian, very good job with ppcarm (threads are working very good,
like delphi in windows ;-) )

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> > > make crossinstall CPU_TARGET=arm
> >
> Please read README.TXT of arm fpc qt binding demo.

the ... from CVS instructions ... (arm or even i386) are way at the
bottom. I thought the PREFIX option may interest you.

kind regards,

Den Jean

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