[fpc-pascal] Dynamic arrays in FP

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu May 5 12:21:57 CEST 2005

At 11:44 5-5-2005, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have written a little library in C (compiled in as a DLL) to use it in 
>Free Pascal and  Delphi applications. While the code (below) works with 
>Delphi (7), I get an Access Violation using FPC (1.98). Perhaps I am 
>missing something.
>Any hint? Thanks!
>program fpc_dll;
>  sysutils;
>myarray = array of double;
>// if I declare "myarray = array[0..9] of double;" the code runs as expected.
>function get_array(a, b: myarray; size: integer; value: double): integer; 
>cdecl; external 'mylib.dll';
>// extern "C"  __cdecl __declspec(dllexport) int get_array(double a[], 
>double b[], int size, double val);

Dynamic arrays are an internal type of pascal. C doesn't know dynamic 
arrays. That it works with delphi is pure luck.


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