Anandu R Suri zmatrix13 at flashmail.com
Thu May 5 05:49:27 CEST 2005

I am writing an operating system using your Free Pascal Compilier 1.0.10.
Most of my code is based on the IA32 opcodes in $ASMMODE INTEL. I
have two problems, both are of importance.

1. The very basic problem is with the video driver. Whenever I try to write
to the Video memory either there is no reponse, or I receive a run time
error 216. I tried all possibilities of using an absolute array, pointers,
and even FillWord, nothing works out.

2. Since my Operating System will be Object Oriented, the compilation
consists of calling a FPC_HELP_CONTRUCTOR which in turn calls the built in
AsmGetMem function. But during the system initialization process there will
be no memory manager. Is there a possiblity of constructing an object at a
predetermined location like in C++?

Var x, y: Byte

Procedure ClrScr; Assembler; [Public, Alias: 'CLRSCR'];
mov edi, $B8000
mov  eax, $07200720
mov  ecx, 2000
mov  x, 0
mov  y, 24

This piece of code always gives a RTE 216.

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