[fpc-pascal] Blockread and buffers

Peter J. Haas fpc.ml at pjh2.de
Tue Mar 22 18:13:52 CET 2005

Hi Peter,

on 2005-03-22T08:36:36+01:00 Peter wrote:

>> Hmmm... Just pure curiosity:
>> I am getting a warning "Variable does not seem to be initialized" on a
>> code
>> from FreePascal RTL guide:
>>     BlockRead (Fin,buf,Sizeof(buf),NumRead); // <-- Warning here (buf)

> There are no warning/notes when compiled with 1.9.8.

This is true, but there should be a warning. With other words, there
are two bugs (or missing features).

BlockRead is declared as

Procedure BlockRead(var f:File;var Buf;count:Word;var Result:Word);[IOCheck];

var do mean, Result is a in/out parameter, it should be initialized
before the call. Actually Result is a out-only parameter, therefore
the declaration should be:

procedure BlockRead(var f: File; out Buf; Count: Word; out Result: Word); [IOCheck];

BTW: I don't have found [IOCheck] in the documentation, maybe it
should be described for programmers, which want to write file handling
functions which use the IOResult aka InOutRes error mechanism.

wkr Peter.

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