[fpc-pascal] Dynamic arrays performance test.

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Tue Mar 1 14:36:36 CET 2005

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 Agustin Barto abarto at gmail.com writes:

I ran  some test of several Extended matrix internal representations
to implement  on an adaptation of Jedi_Math's matrix code (already
contributed some of  this modifications). In the attached file you'll
see one of these tests. I  have some questions about the results:

* The performance of the three  internal structures is virtually the
same. Which one do you think is the  best?
* The program compiled with fpc 1.9.8 (on Linux) is two times  slower
than the one compiled with Delphi 7 (on Windows). Do you know what  can
I do to improve the performance with fpc?

This would seem to be very interesting to explore, but being that it is  
related to
FPC 1.9.8 (which is still "release-candidate" i.e.. RC 2), it probably  would 
get more attention if you posted it to the fpc-devel list rather than  here. 
Secondarily, I would suggest that comparing the performance of fpc on Linux  
to Delphi on Windows is somewhat like comparing the performance of a  bicycle 
to that of a train. Way too many variables  involved. 
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