[fpc-pascal] Library Win32-DLL issue

chromdildo chromdildo at t-online.de
Sat Mar 5 12:39:28 CET 2005

Hi everybody.

Sorry for asking again I don't want to annoy you...
Can anybody hint me a place were to start compiling a useful Win32-DLL?
Compiler-switches, linking issues are welcome :)
I already red the docs and the wiki... My compiled Dlls are always broken!

Thank you very much for help..

best regards

p.s. for interested people, my original message:

I try to generate a library under WinXP / DLL.
It has a GUI part in it and exports only one function.

Now a bunch of issues noticed:

 - enabling the "smartlinking" Options in Lazarus kills my exported
 - my DLL-checker "dependencywalker" noticed a damaged checksum
 - entrypoint is around (0x00001050)
   Delphi versions are around (0x00085830) -> much higher

To mention: working when compiled in Delphi,
   broken if compiled with Lazarus/fpc (latest 1.9.8)

I know, this is most likely a fpc-question, but I need the LCL for the 
GUI part, so...
Any suggestions/guides how to make a solid, working DLL under Windows
just like Delphi does?

Please answerer even if you know how to track down just one issue...

best regards and thanks for your time

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