[fpc-pascal] showing source linenumbers on exceptions

Bartek bbartek at gmx.net
Mon Jun 27 22:51:50 CEST 2005


how can i show source line numbers, when an exception occurs, like 
sysutils do?
An unhandled exception occurred at $0040E9B5 :
EInOutError : Invalid filename
  $0040E9B5  TDXF__LOAD,  line 271 of dxffile.pas
  $0040EFFA  TDXF__CREATE,  line 329 of dxffile.pas
  $0040F24A  TPAPER__CREATE,  line 48 of dxfpaper.pas
  $00401459  INIT_OBJECTS,  line 63 of e:/_development/work/dxf2mcr.pas
  $00401529  INITPROC,  line 87 of e:/_development/work/dxf2mcr.pas
  $00401F1F  INIT_FRAMEWORK,  line 107 of 

the only thing i found is the ShowExeption proc. but this does not write 
what i expected.
exception at 0040EA45:
                      Invalid filename.

is there a possibility to do this on my own?
if found the proc:
Procedure CatchUnhandledException (Obj : TObject; Addr: Pointer; 
FrameCount: Longint; Frames: 
but i don't how to set FrameCount and Frames.

thanks in advance

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