[fpc-pascal] Typed file problem.

Inpromptu inpromptu at operamail.com
Wed Jun 22 22:23:57 CEST 2005


I have developed a console app, wich use a typed file. I use Lazarus to make the GUI, but there is some problem with the typed file generated by the console app. The GUI app does not read the file correctly. Specially with the string vars. 

Is it a problem with the delphi mode compilation (some diference handling typed files)? How can I do to detect the problem in compilation time?

My workaround is to compile the console part first, and then  compile the GUI in Lazarus. But I think that there is a better solution. I can't recompile all the software with Lazarus, because I have a lot of cgi apps (no GUI) that reads the typed files.

Thanks in advance! Lazarus is great !


(excuse my english...)

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