[fpc-pascal] strange behaviour of readkey...or not

Darius Blaszijk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Mon Jun 20 19:34:10 CEST 2005

Hi there,

I have a console app that reads keys being pressed and then does some
action. In short it would be like this:

  if fileage(myfile) <> imyfile then
    writeln('file changed');
    imyfile := fileage(myfile);

  ch := readkey;
until ch = 'q'

So what I want is that the fileage test is done continously and when a user
presses a key some other procedure is executed. But the problem is that when
"ch := readkey" is reached, the app seems to stay waiting until a key is
pressed. In other words it only does the fileage test when I press a key
other than q. In my example the fileage test is only done once.

Am I under the wrong impression that I should pull it off using readkey??
What is the alternative??

Darius Blaszijk

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