[fpc-pascal] units order (was using oldlinux )

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Tue Jun 14 10:53:26 CEST 2005

Alain Vitry wrote:
> Thanks for the answer.
> But is that by design ?
> Let' look at this case (not the best design, but big legacy):
> File common.pas:
> uses  StandardFile, MacWindows;
> ...
> var MaPict: array[WPictWind_1..WPictWind_3] of PicHandle;
> File utils.pas:
> uses commons, MacWindows, SegLoad, Quickdraw, StandardFile;
> ...
> var PictRect: Rect;
> ...
> DrawPicture(PictArray[i], PictRect);
> Compilation:
> Utils.pas(316,29) Error: Incompatible type for arg no. 1: Got 
> "MACWINDOWS.PicHandle", expected "STANDARDFILE.PicHandle"
> I know about unit propagation. PicHandle is first defined in MacWindows, 
> then used in standardfile.

Used or redefined? Does the StandardFile unit also use the MacWindows unit?

> The best solution I've found is to suffle units around, altough I find 
> this approach inelegant.
> Renaming every occurence of some types is a better solution, altough 
> very intrusive.
> Shouldn't type A defined in unit X be fixed whether units Y, Z who also 
> use it are included or not in my program ?
> Also when unit Y defines a procedure with type A (from unit X) as 
> parameter, shouldn't type A still refer to the type A as defined in unit 
> X, and not become some types like Y.A ?

If I understood you correctly, yes. There is Y.A unless you define such 
a type.

> It is unclear to me, why this problem occur in the first place (In this 
> case there is no re-definition of the types, as for oldlinux)

It is unclear to me too.


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