[fpc-pascal] sysutils not found, haunting me

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Fri Jun 10 13:13:51 CEST 2005

"Sysutils not found" is haunting me. Some of my programs compile fine, some
don't.. randomly. So basically sometimes sysutils works, sometimes doesn't (I
have also being playing around with compiler settings, and once in a while
deleting a ppu file or renaming it to ppu.old can do the trick)

Here is my latest problem

(DOS)      Finished loading unit DOS
(SYSUTILS) Add dependency of SYSUTILS to DOS
(SYSUTILS) Load from SYSUTILS (interface) unit WINDOWS
(SYSUTILS) Add dependency of SYSUTILS to WINDOWS
(SYSUTILS) Recompiling sysutils, checksum changed for Windows
Unitsearch: sysutils.pp
Searching file sysutils.pp... not found
Searching file SYSUTILS.PP... not found
Unitsearch: sysutils.pas
Searching file sysutils.pas... not found
Searching file SYSUTILS.PAS... not found
Unitsearch: C:\PASCAL\FPC_2.0.0\units\i386-win32\rtl\sysutils.ppu
Searching file C:\PASCAL\FPC_2.0.0\units\i386-win32\rtl\sysutils.ppu... found
PPU Loading C:\PASCAL\FPC_2.0.0\units\i386-win32\rtl\sysutils.ppu
(SYSUTILS) PPU Name: C:\PASCAL\FPC_2.0.0\units\i386-win32\rtl\sysutils.ppu
(SYSUTILS) PPU Time: 2005/05/08 10:24:58
(SYSUTILS) PPU Flags: 159939
(SYSUTILS) PPU Crc: 5D59F709 (intfc)
Fatal: Can't find unit sysutils
Error: Compilation aborted
Error: C:\pascal\FPC_2.0.0\bin\i386-win32\ppc386.exe returned an error exitcode
(normal if you did not specifiy a source file to be compiled)

Any idea what the problem is ? I'm using lazarus, but I tried the compiler at
the command line.. with the -va option, that's what I got. (didn't paste entire


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