[fpc-pascal] FPC 2.0 / Lazarus Problem

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Jul 30 11:08:36 CEST 2005

FPC 2.0 seems to have problems with lazarus new ide paths. Sometimes it
gives an error, that it can not find uniteditor.pp or componentpalette.pas.
The paths are correct, a 'make clean all' or 'make cleanide ide' does not
fix the problem, the bug is reproducable. And it has nothing to do with
'make'. Using the ppc386 command directly gives the same error. 

The actors:

ppc386 -Fu...<lots of paths> -FE. -FUunits/linux-i386 ide/lazarus.pp

For example the output with -va:

Searching file ./ide/uniteditor.pp... found
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Source: ./ide/uniteditor.pp time 2005/07/29 19:58:26 *
Searching file ./ide/include/ide.inc... found
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Source: ./ide/include/ide.inc time 2005/07/26 20:40:38
Searching file ./ide/include/bookmark.lrs... not found
Searching file ./ide/include/BOOKMARK.LRS... not found
Searching file ./ide/include/linux/bookmark.lrs... not found
Searching file ./ide/include/linux/BOOKMARK.LRS... not found
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Source: bookmark.lrs not found
Unitsearch: UnitEditor.pp
Searching file UnitEditor.pp... not found
Searching file uniteditor.pp... not found
Searching file UNITEDITOR.PP... not found
Unitsearch: UnitEditor.pas
Searching file UnitEditor.pas... not found
Searching file uniteditor.pas... not found
Searching file UNITEDITOR.PAS... not found
Unitsearch: units/i386-linux/UnitEditor.ppu
Searching file units/i386-linux/UnitEditor.ppu... not found
Searching file units/i386-linux/uniteditor.ppu... found
PPU Loading units/i386-linux/uniteditor.ppu
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Name: units/i386-linux/uniteditor.ppu
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Time: 2005/07/29 19:34:18
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Flags: 217219
(UNITEDITOR) PPU Crc: FA7B3447 (intfc)
Fatal: Can't find unit UnitEditor

There are two strange things:
- FPC finds and loads the uniteditor.pp source, but can't find it
- It does not find bookmark.lrs, although the include directive directly
points to $I ../images/bookmark.lrs.

I had to split the Makefiles to get lazarus compiling again.
When calling ppc386 in the 'ide' directory works.

Maybe ppc386 does not like to be called outside the main source directory?


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