[fpc-pascal] Pointers

Leonhard Holz leonhard.holz at web.de
Thu Jul 28 08:11:25 CEST 2005


> Note that those addresses (like $a000) are all things from the 16-bit
> world. I'm not sure how far these are emulated correctly if you are
> running in a 32-bit world. Addresses for graphics cards are way different
> there, easier to use, but different from card to card.

If you compile a win32-program you will have a total virtual memory, 
that means that your pointer values don't have anything to do with the 
physical ram. A pointer associated to $a0000 actually points to nowhere.

If you really want mode $13 you need to compile for dos, cause then 
windows sets up an old-style 8086 environment. Unfortunately the 
download page says:

"Sorry, no Dos release yet. The Dos platform is missing a maintainer and 
is not of acceptable quality for 2.0."


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