[fpc-pascal] Pointers

Elio Cuevas Gómez elio at mixtk.com
Thu Jul 28 03:48:07 CEST 2005

El Mié 27 Jul 2005 20:14, Daniel Franzini escribió:
> no, i didn't...but it worked and the program did compiled...now, it
> shows the following message
> Runtime error 216 at $00401034
>   $00401034
> but i think that this is some windows (2000) issue not FPC one...
New versions of WinNT (Incl. win2k) use a DOS emulator to which allows the 
kind of instructions you want to use, but if you compile in full Win32 mode 
it won't let you have access to the graphic hardware, not even use these 
DOS/BIOS interruptions.

> so i ask: is there any way of running these simple examples or i will just
> have to set up some 16bit env or start touching those graphics units
> that come with freepascal??
Well, either that or you might want to try OpenGL, that way you'll get fully 
acelerated 2D graphics plus free alpha blending and even 3D if you need that. 
In my experience the FPC graph unit is not that good, not that is bad, it's 
very fun to use but not really useful for fast graphical applications.

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