[fpc-pascal] how to beeeeep

Andres K. Foerster list at AKFoerster.de
Sun Jul 3 15:27:29 CEST 2005

Am Monday, dem 27. Jun 2005 schrieb Alain Michaud:

>    Is it still possible to produce a sound from the little speaker that
> is (was) present in any PC.  In Delphi the command was "beep" or
> "sound(200,2)" or something like that ! 
> I would apreciate if someone could tell me how to do it in FPC/Lazarus.
> (hopefully there is nothing to install or program! I feel lazy...) 
> The platform is Linux (Mandrake 10.1)

Well for a simple beep you can use

There is a procedure called Beep im SysUtils, but strangely it does 
nothing under Linux...?


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