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Christophe Fantoni christophe at christophefantoni.com
Fri Jan 28 15:13:54 CET 2005

Hello again,

I have found many pascal sources to interface the Sound Blaster compatible
drivers, but only for the analog output/input. Nothing for the SPDIF or
optical input/output. With sound card like SB Live! or SB Audigy, the DOS
driver to interface DOS program exist... like the SPDIF input/output. But no
program to use it (maybe DOS is too old, and programmers don't support this
new feature in their old program)
For me, the problem is to found the technicals informations explain how to
include the digital output structure in the analog ouput sources coded in
Pascal. For example, the SoundLib 2 library in
tm , compatible vith FPC, Delphi and BP7, car easilly input and output sound
stream but only in an analog way. No informations in the pascal code souce
to structure and activate the digital input/output... Under Windows, this
problem doesn't exist. Normal, the analog and digital input/out is managed
by the Windows driver, and maybe by DirectX. But under DOS, the problem is
not the same.

Many thanks for this first reponse,

Christophe Fantoni
French Technical writer

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> > I would like to interface my SoundBlaster's SPDIF input and output in
> > FreePascal under DOS only, but I don't find any Pascal sources to help
> Are there non Pascal sources that can? Most modern soundcard's APIs are
> open, and only can be accessed via the vendors drivers.
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