[fpc-pascal] development with mac os / cross platform

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Thu Jan 27 10:49:19 CET 2005

On 27 jan 2005, at 10:20, Harald Lapp wrote:

> i would like to know, if anyone activly
> develops gui applications with osx or if it's anyhow possible to do
> so and if so, what gui toolkits there are available that provide
> language bindings for freepascal.

Apple's universal interfaces have Pascal bindings. They allow you to 
program using the Carbon interface. See 
http://www.freepascal.org/xcode.html for more information.

> i would also like to know if anybody succesful develops cross
> platform gui applications for windows and linux (and maybe osx).
> are there any interesting articles/hints i can find somewhere in
> the web?

That is harder. Two possibilities are WxWindows (also works under Mac 
OS X, but I don't know about Pascal bindings) and gtk (only works under 
X11 under Mac OS X), but I doubt you will be able to write one 
interface which looks native for all platforms, regardless of which 
toolkit you use.


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