[fpc-pascal] Text GUI and Graphic GUI's, CLX etc.

Skybuck@home.nl skybuck at home.nl
Sat Jan 15 18:14:23 CET 2005


Borland/Delphi has a "technology" called CLX... it's ment for cross platform

Another project called DWPL uses this CLX for Text Gui's and Graphical

It's pretty impressive.

One can use Delphi to design a graphical gui etc... and then thx to this
DWPL/CLX magic it can also be compiled/linked etc... and suddenly it's
turned into a Text GUI !!!.

I would like to develop a Text Based GUI application that can be cross
compiled to all targets.

So maybe this DWPL/CLX stuff can be compiled with Free Pascal 1.9.6 ?

I haven't tried it yet... but later I will... right now I have to go :D


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