[fpc-pascal] Free Pascal, Dos, Cross compiling, Etc

Skybuck@home.nl skybuck at home.nl
Sat Jan 15 18:10:30 CET 2005


I just downloaded Free Pascal 1.9.6 for Win32.  (fpc-1.9.6.i386-win32.zip)

Unzipped it, Installed it and added the thing to the end of the path etc.

I would like to compile a simple Hello World program to all targets.

Apperently I can only compile/link/build to the win32 target :( !

I would like to compile the hello world example so that it can be run from
ms-dos 6.22 as well.


Since I now have a BIGGGGG harddisk 120 Gigabytes ;) I would simply like to
download a free pascal cross compiler binary/zip/distribution which has
everything needed to compile to ALL TARGETS !

Does such a distribution of free pascal already exist ?

Or do I now have to start building my own free pascal cross compiler for
every target ?!?


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