[fpc-pascal] Delphi To Free Pascal

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Jan 12 14:13:38 CET 2005

> This my test to see if free pascal can be used to compile Delphi Projects.
> I have thousands of delphi projects/project files etc... but for this test I
> simply create a new application and save it to c:\freepascal testen\hello
> world\version 0.01

> I notice how free pascal does not support delphi projects ?
> I still open and after running it, free pascal ide says:
> project1.dpr(4,8) Fatal: Can't find unit FORMS

True, forms is part of lazarus. And it is not 100% compat either, since
the .res format is different. (win32 dependancies had to be removed)

This will not even work with Kylix.
> I again create a new project in delphi and save it as hello console ;)
> This time it went as follows:
> Euhm maybe this is because I used my free pascal cross compiler which
> compiles from
> windows to linux.... I made that once lol... but still I started the win32
> fp ?
> Oh well
> Here is how it went (still not good ;)):

What version FPC, what version Windows?  Make sure you use 1.9.6, the latest

The example program should work, but only if compiled with -Sd or delphi
mode enabled in the IDE or lazarus.
> Free Pascal does not seem like an alternative to delphi at first sight.

Take a second sight.
> Free Pascal claims compatiblity with delphi... but I am not seeing it from
> these very simple quick tests.

100% compability doesn't exist. It is not even doable in theory, since Delphi
is very windows centric.

> I have very little time to spent on free pascal etc... so if I do give free
> pascal a chance I would like it to have a couple of euhm things:
> 1. Delphi Project File support.

Not possible. .res is a windows only platform. Nothing can be done with
it. (conversions are possible though from .dfm files, see lazarus)

> 2. Open Delphi Project File, Press Compile, Press Run and voila ;)
> Free Pascal should simply make it happen just like that ;)

Impossible, even in theory.

> I have all delphi source code... like classess.pas and the vcl source... so
> maybe an installer
> can be made for free pascal so that it can find the delphi source code.

Using Delphi code won't work, its useless anyway, since it is stuffed with
assembler and windos routines.

Make sure you have the newest versions, read the manuals, follow the
examples. It takes some time to get used to any new environment, even a
delphi version.

Open Source requires some effort. 

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