[fpc-pascal] Qt binding for FPC

Den Jean Geeken at pandora.be
Sun Feb 13 14:27:06 CET 2005


I have put the source of a demo program 
that shows the use of a Qt binding
for FPC on the Zaurus (arm) on my webpage.

I also added a recent fpc arm snapshot that fixes previous issues. 
(thx Florian for the arm port)

There are detailed installation instructions on the webpage
and even more in the tar file. So give it a go and please give me 
some feedback on the instruction. 
Are there any other FPC users with a Zaurus ? :-)


If you are interested in a similiar Qt binding for i386, please contact me.
I will move everything (Qt/Embedded and Qt i386) to sourceforge.


kind regards,

Den Jean

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