[fpc-pascal] FPC and GTK2: some widgets in Win32

Jan Je/lowicki Jasj at OZI.AR.WROC.PL
Wed Apr 20 11:28:35 CEST 2005

Hello all, 

In GTK2, the GtkCombo widget is marked as depreciated.
However, no information is given as it might be totally defunctional.
At least in linux libraries, up to 2.6, it seems to be quite good.

I am porting some pascal software form gtk 1.2 to 2.x using fpc 1.9.8.

None of my (previously functioning) GtkCombo-s runs correctly when 
linked with libgtk-win32-2.0.0.dll taken from 2.4.14 binary 
distribution. Private GtkCombo.entry widget is never allocated, 
although it should be.

Does anybody know antyhing more? Is GtkCombo in windows dll corrupted?
Is that version too new for freepascal 1.9.8 gtk2 modules? 
There was a ``magic'' gtk+-1.3-20011216, the only that run 
successfully with fpc-compiled program. Is there something similar at 
2.x level?

With regards,

                                       Jan Jelowicki
                                       jasj at ozi.ar.wroc.pl
Wroclaw University of Agriculture    Akademia Rolnicza we Wroclawiu
Department of Mathematics            Katedra Matematyki

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