[fpc-pascal] string comparison with strcomp

Matthias Hryniszak matthias at hryniszak.de
Mon Apr 11 18:06:32 CEST 2005

> Do you use that one with fpc? The source looks rather Delphi/Kylix'ish.

Nope, but I guess you can find there the solution for it. Just get the
GNUGetText.pas and look for changes made in version 1.2. Since this version
GNUGetText supports UTF8 strings in strids.

On the other hand I missed the possibility to "compile" a .po file in my
application instead of loading a ready-made .mo file. So I started my own
implementation (based on GNUGetText.pas, gettext.pp and the original
implementation of GNU GetText). It will support the following features:

- strids don't have to be "pure english" anymore
- compile under delphi/fpc (win32 target strongly tested)
- plural forms

If you're interested I can give you some draft implementations that I've


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> Trying again, third time the server was blacklisted ...
> Hi Matthias,
> Am So, den 10.04.2005 schrieb Matthias Hryniszak um 17:06:
>> You might look at the GNUGetText for Delphi - they have solved the 
>> problem
>> of non-english source identifiers.
> Thanks for your hint.
> TIA,
> Marc
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