[fpc-pascal] string comparison with strcomp

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Sun Apr 10 01:00:07 CEST 2005

Am So, den 10.04.2005 schrieb John Coppens um 00:05:
> Hallo Marc,

Hi John,

> I reported this a long time ago, and got an answer like: gettext doesn't
> accept source strings in UTF-8.

Ah, I see. This inspired me to do some further tests and I found a
solution that is more acceptable than doing what I don't want to do.

I found from some quick tests that it is rstconv that cannot handle the
encoded strings. Replacing them in the generated .po file seems to do
the trick.

Needs more testing but might be okay when done by some shellscript ...

> The easiest way to solve it is to write the program in English (with
> english on buttons, etc) and then write a po file for german. I know, I
> know, not elegant or easy, but it works. Note that the strings must be
> edited with a UTF-8 editor.

Yes, as a last solution I'd have to do it that way. 

Thank you very much,
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