[fpc-pascal] interface 'is' patch (finished and included) - correction on my answer

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sun Apr 3 12:41:56 CEST 2005

> ======================
> Ok, I tryed "is" on Delphi and saw the difference. Patch will be corrected
> to
> your likes (class to class checking).
> Is there any mode present (I mean like objfpc, delphi), something like
> "relaxed"
> I would correct patch in a way that if not "relaxed or something else
> mode" is
> present, use delphi strict compiler type testing, else use the relaxed
> types as
> they are now in my "in" implementation.
> This doesn't mean that patch won't be corrected if I won't like the
> answer.
> Patch (that works just like delphi) will be on Sunday when I get back from
> vacation. I would just like to add a feature of no strict type checking if
> possible and controled with compiler directive.

Mode objfpc/fpc is even more strict than mode delphi. I don't like the
idea of having a more relaxed type checking. It is against the pascal
style of strict type checking.

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