[fpc-pascal] interface "is" patch (finished and included)

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Fri Apr 1 09:19:57 CEST 2005

Quoting Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org>:

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, ml wrote:
> > i included again my refcount patch (haven't got even a little response
> > on it. i'm slowly starting to wonder if i'm on the right mailing list
> > (usually devel list is for internal purposes of regular developers, and
> > others are... well,... for others (as well as bug reporting as
> > patches)), i got more response on C operators (which i didn't even asked
> > in fact) than on my first patch and error reports in interfaces)
> The core developers are quite busy people with daytime jobs.
> The effects of the patch can be  quite tricky, which explains 
> probably why they have not yet been applied.

Daytime jobs? :) Well, isn't everybody:)
The effects of not being applied are even trickier. 

> > would include auto_assign_of_guid patch too, but as much as i ask for
> > somebody involved in compiler nobody answers, that one requires one
> > change in lower levels 
> I guess Florian needs to answer this one, or peter.
> I have downloaded and checked the patch, however I'm not a compiler person. 
> The RTL patch looks OK to me. have you checked what happens with an object 
> passed through COM ? 

COM? as I already said. COM objects have assigned GUID, And refcount gets
incremented by 2 for those (and refcount is handled by fpc, and not COM), off
course if it
would be the case of COM object there's nothing easier than check against
IDispatch, as
I see IDispatch should be the root of COM objects with no object in fpc behind
(at least based on Delphi documentation I got my self about interfaces to check
Delphi compatibility), second option is to derive basic interface from IUnknown
(IClassUnknown and this one is
bound to be referenced with class object behind), I already did that in my other
patches). In any case patch to include that check would be either 2 or 5 liner.
In either case refcount isn't working for fpc (not COM) based interfaces that
don't have GUID 0 (side effect of GUID being 0 is that Supports, GetQuery and
QueryInterface don't work, maybe fpc should report error for now if no GUID, I
have a patch for that too). 

But no, I haven't checked. I still have to set up some winblows machine. But
lately I have too much work to do and as you know: "All work and no fun makes
Jack a dull boy."

While on the other hand, "is" is nothing else but checking with GetQuery() and
QueryInterface(), this one shouldn't make any problems. I checked, rechecked and
then again checked. I only add two compilerprocs and invoked calling from
tisnode, where it was denied by default. So if your code works mine does too. 


> If either Florian or Peter give their blessing, I can commit the patch?
> Michael.
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