[fpc-pascal] Known issue with 1.9.4 [2004/05/30] for i386 on Linux?

Alan Mead cubrewer at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 07:46:10 CEST 2004

I don't know if this is really a bug or whether it's known... I have
this line of code:

  while ( (i<=Length(fmt)) and (NOT fmt[i] IN ['0'..'9']) ) do

It compiles fine but I get a RTE:

An unhandled exception occurred at 0x0807B180 :
EVariantError : Invalid variant operation

Funny thing is, I enabled line numbers with '-gl'... And the error
message makes no sense to me.. After staring at that line of code for
a while, I put parens around the "fmt[i] IN ['0'..'9']" and all was

  while ( (i<=Length(fmt)) and (NOT (fmt[i] IN ['0'..'9'])) ) do

So, that seems to be a bug to me... Shall I report it or is it known
(or am I wrong that it's a bug)?


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