[fpc-pascal]Apple Mac pointer problem

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04-09-24 09.44, skrev Stephen Downs följande:

> Thanks for everyones input (Harold - it a Mac thing !!). I'm away for a
> of days now so won't be able to follow up until next week but I guess I
> to read up on alignment of binary data.
> I assume from what you are saying is that Ptr(testDataHdl^) is the right
> to do it in FreePascal but I need to check on how the data is read into
> structure.

If the problem is the alignment, you can try to read element by element.

What about using the 'packed' directive ?

testData = record
   testIndex :  packed array [0..12] of integer;

Wouldn't that solve any alignment problems ?

Or doesn't free pascal have a 'packed' directive ?

Or is it a reallllly strange mac problem ? :)


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