[fpc-pascal]Apple Mac pointer problem

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Fri Sep 24 08:49:47 CEST 2004

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04-09-24 03.33, skrev Harald Houppermans följande:

>> Though looking at the code again... why is testDataPointer declared (it
>> doesn't seem to be used) ?
>> In other words...
>> 1. Does the routine expect a pointer to data ?
>> 2. Does the routine expect a pointer to a pointer to data ?
>> 3. Or does the routine expect like a var parameter... that means the data
>> itself... like a const reference or something ;)
>> For example pascal and delphi file routines and streams work with number
>> ;)

This kind of parameters do not exist on tradiional mac compilers, you have
to use pointers.


Well that is interesting in itself...

I hope this only applies to macintosh operating system API's ?

How would I otherwise port my code to macintosh os with a free pascal
(cross) compiler ;) ?

Don't tell me I have to replace every single var and const parameter ? :)


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