[fpc-pascal]Problem linking Lazarus with an FPC cycled today.

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Sep 8 23:00:20 CEST 2004


Actually I have been having this problem all week. If I build a current 
Lazarus with 1.9.4 release there is no problem. However, I need to build 
it with a newly cycled 1.9.5, so I made one today. I can create FPC fine 
but when I try to build and link Lazarus I get the following Win32 API 
errors. Is this something related to Unicode and a change in variable 
type definitions. Other then that I can find the problem in the code.


Main.pp(101,64) Hint: Unit "ClipBoardHistory" not used in Main
Compiling resource lazarus.res
Linking .\lazarus.exe
.\lcl\units\i386\win32\win32\Win32WSButtons.o: In function 
`DRAWBITBTNIMAGE':  Win32WSButtons.pp:217: undefined reference to 

.\lcl\units\i386\win32\win32\Win32Int.o: In function 
`DRAWCHECKLISTBOXITEM':  win32winapi.inc:248: undefined reference to 

.\lcl\units\i386\win32\win32\Win32Int.o: In function 
`CALLMOUSEWHEELHANDLER':  win32winapi.inc:192: undefined reference to 

.\lcl\units\i386\win32\win32\Win32Int.o: In function 
`TWIN32WIDGETSET__POLYGON':  win32winapi.inc:2289: undefined reference 

.\lcl\units\i386\win32\win32\Win32Int.o: In function 
`TWIN32WIDGETSET__POLYLINE' :  win32winapi.inc:2305: undefined reference 

lazarus.pp(97,1) Error: Error while linking
Closing script .\ppas.bat

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