[fpc-pascal]Graphics cards, VGALIB

Olle Raab olle.r at automagika.se
Fri Sep 3 14:33:46 CEST 2004

04-09-03 13.12, skrev Jonas Maebe följande:

> On 3 sep 2004, at 11:16, Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>> Can't you add the SDLMain to the darwin sdl units and let this call
>> main? Or is main defined twice
>> then because the sdllib contains a main?
> Yes. And for some reason, the linker picks the main of our system unit
> to execute instead of the one in libsdl. I don't know on what basis it
> does this. The reason it doesn't trigger a duplicate symbol error is
> that the Mac OS X linker works with a two-level name space: all
> libraries have their own symbol namespace (although you can disable
> this for legacy *nix compatibility using an environment variable).

Can it help by changing the link order ? Or it is not possible wiht a 2
level ns.. ?


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