[fpc-pascal]how much work is proting fpc

Olle Raab olle.r at automagika.se
Fri Sep 3 12:56:17 CEST 2004

04-09-03 10.22, skrev Marco van de Voort följande:

> Typically one starts converting the OS API interface, and then try to get
> bits and pieces from the most similar OS to convert and get working using
> the own API. Startup (entry) code is also always a problem, and new non-unix
> ports might also need additional compiler support for fileformats,
> debug/object formats, calling conventions etc etc.
> The hardest job by far is done by Olle (Classic Mac OS), since that is the
> most peculiar OS ported to. (think emulation of standard concepts as emulating
> stdin/out commandlines etc)

I did also need to adopt the compiler, since Mac OS access global variables
different than Darwin.

Also since the used asm (PPCAsm on MPW) has a different syntax than gnu asm,
the assembler generator in the compiler had to be adopted.

You also need time:

* To learn FPC.

* To do investigations and tests how things, which are
  not documented, actually works (reverse engineering). And
  even if things are properly documented, there are subtle details
  you have to find out yourself.

* For correspondence with the core team or other mailing lists
  about different issues.


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