[fpc-pascal] Freepascal on Mac

Aleksey Vaneev inlists at voxengo.com
Sun Oct 24 18:25:27 CEST 2004

Hello Jonas,

Sunday, October 24, 2004, 12:23:22 AM, you wrote:

>> Thanks to Peter Vreman for Lazarus link. It looks like a helpful
>> thing. However I wonder about its Mac compatibility - not too much
>> Mac-related info is there it seems.
JM> It cannot yet generate programs which use the native Mac OS X gui 
JM> (Aqua). It can generate X11 programs however, and XFree86 (and X.Org) 
JM> both run under Mac OS X. However, such programs by default look and 
JM> feel quite out of place (except to people who are used to X11 
JM> interfaces).

But will it be possible to me to draw on a standard device context
returned to me by a host application? I.e. I do not need any standard
controls and I would need to write my own controls for Lazarus.

Best regards,
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