[fpc-pascal] Free Pascal soom will land in Italy!

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Fri Oct 1 10:55:11 CEST 2004

Jilani Khaldi,
> Hi All,
> In the next issue of Linux&C n.42 (http://www.oltrelinux.com) there will
> be the first article (Special) about Free Pascal (8 pages for this
> article, never happened before with other cool languages)
Good news, I've known a lot of fpc fans here in Italy (I'm from Trieste).
> Linux&C is 
> the number one magazine in Italy dedicated to Linux with nearly 50.000
> readers monthly.
I've read your articles on FirebirdSQL you wrote for Linux&C,  very clear and 
well written.
> I am looking for a cool application (already written or 
> to be written) to show to our readers (in the next articles) the power
> and the elegance of Free Pascal for serious development.
I agree with Florian, FPC itself! imho is sufficient to look at the fpc 
documentation to find enough examples of elegance and power. Anyway, a bunch 
of good Delphi libraries have been successfully ported to fpc (Synapse, ICS, 
Decal, Abbrevia,...), almost anything you can do with Delphi could be done in 
fpc as well. 
I've converted the EOS code  (http://sourceforge.net/projects/camelos) to fpc 
in a couple of days with only minor changes from Delphi and translated the 
Junit core testing framework from Java in a day or too: 
http://camelos.sourceforge.net/fpcUnit.html ,  so, 
no doubt for me that FPC is mature for serious programming. 

If you need help for your article or you need a review, just ask (you can get 
in contact with me in private).
Dean Zobec

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