[fpc-pascal] Freepascal newbie [Attn] Nikolay Nikolov

Ron Weidner xecronix at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 27 06:54:58 CET 2004

> >
> No serious reason, I just didn't know OOP and I
> wanted to learn that :) 

Thanks for the info ... BTW just to learn something
new is as good a reason as any to do anything in my
book.  :)

> Later I discovered the wonders of multiplatform
> programming - I ported  the X11 code later and it 
> worked. Unfortunately it wasn't as up to date 
> as SDL. 

The openPTC website states that there is currently no
X11 code maintainer for openPTC.  Kind of a bummer if
you ask me because it seems like a nice lib.  

Although,  I wish the Pascal Community had more
interest in Allegro.  For that matter, I wish that a
band of Pascal programmers would rally to the cause of
building new games in Pascal.

> About tinyptc - there's a delphi port somewhere on
> the net. But it's a  very simple library and it 
> doesn't do keyboard input and timers, so it's 
> not very good for games, only demos. And then you
> still need timers :)

Ahh.. code like the old days of Unix... make your code
small, make it do exactly one thing very well.

> About games/demos - here's a small tetris clone I
> was just planning to release (btw I couldn't think 
> of a better name than 'tetris' so any suggestions 
> are welcome). What's makes it somewhat special is 
> that it has very smooth movements of everything 
> (with subpixel accuracy and motion blur!) Note that 
> these aren't features of openptc/ptcpas - I'm 
> doing everything myself pixel by pixel :)  

Nice game.  It ran very smoothly as you said it would.
 As for a name idea, how about `stack 'n crumble`  :)


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