[fpc-pascal] How to exec() arguments with spaces?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Nov 26 20:37:52 CET 2004

> I cannot process this way any file that name contains whitespaces.
> Replacing 'my file' with '"my file"', 'my\ file', '"my\ file"'
> has no effect; apart from that exec(myprog, '"myfile"') does not work 
> even if filename has no spaces.
> The problem seems to depend on the way of passing arguments to the 
> program, not on the program itself: many programs like /bin/cat, 
> /bin/gzip, and others behave similarily.
> Using 
>     execv(myprog + ' '+myfile);
>     exec(myprog+ ' '+myfile, '');
> result the same.
> The problem is only in Unix. What am I doing wrong?

The harsh answer:
1 using spaces in unix :-)
2 using 1.0.x, while 1.9.x is so much better.

The explanation:

Seriously, it was a bug, it is fixed. To avoid similar problems, 1.9.2 and later
have a function sysutils.executeprocess that avoids it all together by avoiding the
parsing stage and passing arguments separately from the executable name.

sysutils.executeproces('/path to/the file/ with a space',['arg1 arg2','arg2 arg3']); 

The exec[v|e|p] functions are renamed to fpexec() and also have this.

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