[fpc-pascal] Can't create unique type from this type

Steve Williams stevewilliams at kromestudios.com
Thu Nov 25 22:33:31 CET 2004

// -----------
// Handle values used to efficiently reference shader and effect parameters.
// Strings can be used as handles.  However, handles are not always strings.

    PD3DXHandle = ^TD3DXHandle;
    TD3DXHandle = type PAnsiChar;

The type declaration "TD3DXHandle = type PAnsiChar" (they are of the 
same type, but not assign compatible) compiles fine in Delphi, but FPC 
gives the error
"d3dx9.pas(1999,31) Error: Can't create unique type from this type"

How do I get this type declaration to compile in FPC?  I am compiling in 
Delphi mode (-Mdelphi) with FPC 1.9.4.


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