[fpc-pascal] future plans - interfaces

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Wed Nov 24 12:18:26 CET 2004

Hi Marco, Michael,

Am Mi, den 24.11.2004 schrieb Marco van de Voort um 11:22:
> > one minute ago I read on the "future plans" page that support for
> > interfaces is planned for 2.0.
> These are already implemented in the 1.9.x series.
> > What type of interfaces are these, may I look at it like the
> > implementation in java? 
> No like in Delphi.
> >Or does it refer to the windows IWhatever-stuff?
> It is related to that yes, focussed on the use of interfaces for external
> objects. However the concept is generic, and could be reused for e.g. corba
> too.

Sounds good to me. What I would really like to use is some sort of
multiple inheritance (yes, the bad word ;). But I really do not expect
to see java interfaces in fpc because the main goal is delphi
compatibility, I think.

> To see really strange stuff can be done with interfaces check out decal, in
> CVS, projects/contrib/decal or so.

Okay, I'll look at it. My next question would have been how
fpc/NOT(Windows) would benefit from this technique, but I'll see. :)

Thank you both,

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