[fpc-pascal] Any Carbon users around?

Kris Herlaar kris at theredhead.nl
Wed Nov 17 18:43:15 CET 2004

Hi all,

This is my second message to the list, but i didn't really introduce 
myself in the first.

Anyway, I'm Kris, have been a pascal since i found it on my (even at 
that time already) quite ancient Apple //c. Switched to Turbo Pascal 
for DOS for about 5 or 6 years then dumped the entire DOS platform in 
favor of the Macintosh i had already been using for about 15 years.

Ever since Mac OS X came out, i felt the urge to pick up programming 
again and i even did with kPod, but i felt the limits of the 
developement environment were kind of keeping me down, so i left it at 

Of-course i had known about the existence of freepascal for x86 since 
my DOS days, but i only recently found out there is also a PowerPC port 
that is actually quite usable, so i want to get back on track with 
Pascal. I followed an online tutorial to integrate FreePascal with 
XCode, the environment I'm already using for my PHP work at the job, 
and it looks amazing, especially considering the Darwin target is 
officially in beta.

My first evening of hands-on FreePascal for XCode was a kind of weird, 
there i was expecting i would understand most of the source i'd see 
coming by just like in the good old days, but... i don't. There's 
Carbon calls that do who knows what, basically, i'm left with nothing 
but knowledge of how units, interface, implementation and your basic 
everyday math work. I'm still not going to write a "real" Mac program 
anytime soon by the looks of this.

So i'd like to know if there are more Mac users on this list who might 
be interested in sharing their knowledge with me and each-other. I'd be 
delighted to set up a website with the Pascal for Mac OS X topic, at 
least if i'm not going to be the only one helped there.

Well, guess i'm off to scour the web for Carbon documentation for now, 
hope to hear from a lot of people soon!

Kind regards,

Kris - a.k.a. theredheaddotnl

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