[fpc-pascal] Multi-threading

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Nov 4 16:30:05 CET 2004

>   Right now I'm downloading the latest stable release 1.0.10 of FPC.

Note that 1.9.x is considered more stable than 1.0.10. It is more beta,
simply because stability requirements have been stepped up.

>   Should I download/recompile something additionally to enable
>   multi-threading support so that memory management and
>   exception handling works fine with multi-threaded programs I create?
>   Additional question: does FPC offer something like TMREW sync
>   object like the one available in Delphi RTL?

No. TMREW is said to be unsafe anyway. 

Some people of the lazarus team have looked into making one, but afaik it
hasn't materialised yet.

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