[fpc-pascal]Fw: RE: Toolkit

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Wed May 26 13:03:09 CEST 2004

On 26-mei-04, at 10:55, Jonas Maebe wrote:

> My conversion is downloadable at
> http://www.elis.ugent.be/~jmaebe/fpc/ttt510fpc.zip
> Note that this conversion *ONLY* works under go32v2. For other OS'es, 
> the units must be converted to use the video/mouse/... units from our 
> RTL. It may also contain some bugs, but it has been used in a real 
> world program.

Another thing to note is that this conversion is quite old and was 
tested when the new FPC version was still at 1.1. It may need some 
patching up for current versions, maybe it even doesn't compile 


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