[fpc-pascal]project question

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue May 4 13:56:11 CEST 2004

> I have a small project and wanted to know what suggestions you all will
> have. This is what the system must do.
> Runs in Linux
> Run as a daemon (not a problem)
> Be able to pass some parameters while the program is running and obtain the
> results back to a shell script of a perl program.
> The LCDd (daemon) program controls an LCD device that has several buttons. I
> can use a socket to make the LCDd receive messages from other programs and
> shell commands into the LCD daemon, but I was wondering if there is even an
> easier approach. Also, I have no idea how to "return" the output of the
> routine back to the shell or perl program.

Same way, read from the socket.

If the shellscript or perl program can't, make a small pascal cmdline
utiitlity that can. 
> Also, I have been looking for a simple text IDE like the all TP. Is there
> something like that available?

FPC has a full blown TP clone, however it is currently not maintained, and
therefore not as good as it should be, specially on *NIX, which is why it is
usally not included.

(some versions include it as "fp")

We are still seeking a serious maintainer.

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