[fpc-pascal]Call DLL in Pascal DOS program

Christophe Fantoni christophe at christophefantoni.com
Tue Mar 23 15:32:51 CET 2004

Hello people,

Since few months, I work on a burning engine for CD/DVD, coded entierely in
Pascal. It's really the first burning engine in full Pascal, compiled
perfectly in Borland Pascal 7.0 and partialy with FreePascal 1.0.10 (some
problems with the DPMI support). My goal is to make a burning engine for
many operating system, like DOS (for the moment), but coded in Pascal and
not in C/C++. To make my job, I don't use external driver.. In fact, all
drivers are coded internaly (ATAPI, SCSI. USB, etc) and I use it if the
hardware is detected.
Now, I would like to include audio file decoding for burning the CD Audio on
the fly. With TMT Pascal (sorry),  I can use DLL files with somes
modifications (your DLL must be open source, like Lame MP3, Ogg Vorbis, etc,
and can be coded in several language like Pascal, ASM or C/C++) In the
website www.tmt.com, under the section 'Pascal contributions', your can
download the program "DLL manager", to adapt your DLL source codes and call
this DLL in your pascal DOS program, or download this program directly in
http://www.exelsys.be/vrgroup/. I'm think it's very interesseting to adapt
this program in FreePascal. Why ? Because FreePascal is open-source and not
TMT Pascal (no evaluation version). With the DLL manager, all the sources
are not include, but the documentation is very complete to understand the
bases. But to make that, I search more documentation about the EXE generated
by the GO32V1 / GO32V2.

Have your more documentations ? Any volunteer to help me ?
Or maybe, have you another solution to use DLL files in Pascal DOS programs

In advance, many thanks for your useful help,

Best regards,

Christophe Fantoni
French technical writer.

PS : Sorry ! My last mesage was in HTML...

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