[fpc-pascal]exception handling

kractor baron.kractor at cogeco.ca
Sun Mar 21 14:56:39 CET 2004

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

>I have been able to reproduce this. However, I'm not sure what the cause
>it. My guess is that the end-of-line is not consumed before the
>exception is raised, and therefore the
>        readln(NewAlbum.alLabel);
>line gets an empty input line. Delphi does consume the end-of-line, and
>waits for the input of the label.
>This is a very tricky issue, I think the core FPC list needs to discuss
>For the moment, I would do like this;
>  A : String;
>         readln(A);
>         NewAlbum.Year:=StrToIntDef(A,0);
>         write('label: ');
>         readln(NewAlbum.alLabel);
>         write('tracks: ');
>         readln(NewAlbum.NumTracks);
>This avoids the exception.
just wondering if there's been any progress on this? not trying to 
pressure or anything, more curious as to what the actual problem was if 
its been discovered yet ... also wondering if anyone else had this 
problem besides me?

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