[fpc-pascal]constant longword problem

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sun Mar 21 14:45:12 CET 2004

At 14:29 21-3-2004, you wrote:
>Using fpc 1.0.10 on FreeBSD ig do this:
>USB_DO_REQUEST : longword = 3222820207;
>and the compiler says:
>usb_h.pp(43,39) Error: Illegal expression
>Why thar? The maximum value of longword is bigger, and if i declare it
>to be longint it compiles. But this constant is to be used for an
>ioctl() and I'm afraid, the signed value will not work.
>USB_DO_REQUEST : longint =  -1072147089;
>Compiling usb_h.pp
>Assembling usb_h
>45 Lines compiled, 0.0 sec

Constants > maxlongint are not supported in 1.0.x. You need to use 1.9.x


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