[fpc-pascal]Modifying cpu registers while in turbo pascal interrupt routine ?

Harald Houppermans houppermans at home.nl
Thu Mar 18 03:10:33 CET 2004

Hmmm right after this posted my cable modem went down to lol...

It's dhcp lease probably expired... It seems dhcp leases have been shortened
by my isp :) I think... :)

Like 6 days before it expires or so then I get a new one.

It would suck if that happened while testing packet drivers over the
internet or so... heheh

I'll be like wtf... why it aint working... damn.

It's like a wireless mouse running out of battery juice... you'll be like
huh ? wtf why is my system so slow mouse not responding
must be bug in my program hehehe.

I hate this fricking wireless mouses :D hehehe

yes sir !

I have a cordfull mouse ! :D yupyupyup...

They just don't make em anymore like they used too... no mouse balls
anymore... the latest mouses have like lasers
which almost blind you...  I bought the cheapest one I could find for my
parents pc... fortunately it's laser pointed forward so it doesn't blind
you when you flip it... but others do/will shine in your face hehe. The
original mouse for parents pc's did have wireless mouse I knew that when we
bought it but the package was cheap. oh fuck no lol crappy pc hehe. So I was
already planning on replacing it. The new mouse does have a wire
but it also has a laser... doh.

It was the only one I could find in the local stores.. the rest where all
wireless iieeewww. hehe.

Anybody else having that same experience ? shops having wirefull mouses only
? yak.

I hope mouse manufactures stop producing that junk quickly and turn back to
wirefull mouses :D

The salesman also said he was barely selling anything from that junk. :D

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> It would be interesting to see how hard it would be to use free pascal and
> 16 bit packet drivers...
> ( Holyshit... my monitor just did weird... probably a power source... that
> never happens wow, or maybe the monitor
> is about to die hehehehe it's quite old :) 5 to 6 years or so... (Liyama
> vision master) ohoh :)  my very old 15 inc eizo died like after 9 years or
> something at my brothers place since I gave it to him.. actually he forced
> me too give it to him lol hehehehehe never again ! :D I still have to get
> back lol and the pc too :D he doesnt use it anymore :D it has a very cool
> 56k6 ISA modem which says: 'MADE IN VIETNAM'.... I bought it specially for
> him 100 bucks I want it back :D:D:D:D that s so cool )
> Anyway...
> In wdosx/dwpl it seems like quite a hassle... using real mode callbacks
> etc... oh well.
> Maybe in the future I come back to this mailing :D when I am reallllly
> disperate to get something working :D
> People that write 32 bit compilers must know their stuff :D :):):):):)
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